How To Reduce the Need for HVAC Repairs Around the House

AC repairs Myrtle BeachIf you are not maintaining the heating and cooling system in your home, you are going to be surprised at the costs involved to make the system efficient again. The best thing you can do is regular maintenance to reduce the need for emergency repairs, and the following tips from the top Myrtle Beach AC repair company Air Mechanical of Myrtle Beach SC, will go a long way in helping to reduce those costs while allowing the heating and cooling system to run efficiently.

Starting with the air handler that runs the heating and cooling system, check the air filter to make sure that it is clean. Once a month you need to remove the air filter from the air handler, inspect it, clean it, and either return it or replace it. If the filter is clean, do this check monthly and replace the filter after three months regardless how clean it appears.

While at the air handler, place both of you hands along the seams of the casing, and while the system is running, see if you can feel any treated air escaping from the unit. If yea, simply run a piece of duct tape along that seam to keep it inside the unit. That will reduce you paying fro treated air that is not getting inside the house. This will also help to reduce the wear on the heating and cooling system.

Take a look at the fan unit outside the house, there must be adequate clearance around the unit so the air can easily move through. Look inside the unit and see if things like leaves, twigs, or debris are blocking the flow of air or obstructing the movement of the fan blades. Turn off the unit, open the grill over the fan, and clean out the inside so nothing can reduce the flow of the fan and cause the unit to work harder.

Inside the house, be sure all the air vents are open, even in rooms you are not using. The misconception going around is you can safe energy closing the vents in rooms not being used. What is actually happening is that air is trapped, so the air handler begins working harder and longer to try and move the air past the obstruction. That waster of energy could cause the air handler and the heating and cooling system to wear out faster.

By taking a proactive approach to heating and cooling system maintenance, you will avoid paying huge invoices to have the unit repaired all year long.